Classy Half Shoulder Dress

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布料舒适✔️  有内衬✔️ 单肩设计✔️ 显瘦 ✔️ 腰间蝴蝶结绑带设计 ✔️️

~Formal/casual wear

~Hidden side zip line

~Comfy material

~Self tie ribbon design

Model Info

Cherry: Height 163cm Weight 45kg Bust 32inch Waist 24inch Hip 33inch (suitable for S Size)

Jesslyn: Height 170cm Weight 52kg Bust 32inch Waist 26inch Hip 35inch (suitable for M Size)

Size Chart


Bust: 30-34 inch

Waist: 24-27inch

Hip : 32-36inch

Bust 32-34inch

Waist: 26-29inch

Hip : 34-38inch

* Actual item measurement may vary from 1cm to 2cm in measurement subject to different material quality and measurement method *