Lady Off Shoulder Midi Dress


✔️松紧一字肩设计(防滑胶)  ✔️布料舒适(柔软) ✔️平滑单色设计 ✔️弹性 ✔️修身设计 ✔️荷叶边裙摆  ✔️超淑女款
~Anti-slip design

~Comfy material


~Casual wear

~Slim fit


Model Info

Cherry: Height 163cm Weight 45kg Bust 32inch Waist 24inch Hip 33inch (suitable for S Size)

Model D – 168 cm / 49 kg ~ Bust : 32 inch , Waist : 26inch , Hip : 34 inch ( S SIZE )

Size Chart

Measurement –  stretchable


Bust: 30-34 inch

Waist: 24-26inch

Hip : 32-36inch

Length : 60cm

Bust 32-34inch

Waist: 26-28inch

Hip : 34-37inch

Length : 61cm

* Actual item measurement may vary from 1cm to 2cm in measurement subject to different material quality and measurement method *